How to become a Medical Cannabis Clinic Patient

Step 1: Qualify for Medical Cannabis

Complete our quick & easy medical questionnaire to qualify for access into our clinic.
  • Completely confidential
  • Obligation free
  • Access to our education centre
  • Qualify to place a preliminary order

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Step 2: Enter our Online Clinic

By qualifying you gain access into our online clinic and can view the full product line.
Access full product line and research resources. Pre-qualified for preliminary order. Add to Cart and Complete Checkout.

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Step 3: Dr Evaluation & Script Approval

Our specialist Dr will evaluate your medical questionnaire & preliminary order
Approval  – Script Issued by Dr, Pharmacy Dispatches to Patient
Pending –  Dr phone call to patient regarding health.
Disapproval – Immediate Refund to Patient

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Step 4: Pharmacy Dispatch to Patient

Script is sent to the Pharmacy for dispatch. Order delivered to patient.
  • Despatch through our Australian Based Compounding Chemist.
  • You will receive your order according to our Transit Guide.

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Who Are We?

The Medical Cannabis Clinic Australia (MCCA) was founded as a trusted source for patients requiring the service of specialised physicians alongside their supported medical treatment. We provide patients the assistance in obtaining this medical support as well as providing the expert supervision needed for their ongoing health challenges. We specialise in providing pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis. There is no compromise when it comes to your health, and our cannabinoid medicine takes product integrity very seriously, supplying patients with complete Certificate of Analyses as evidence of our purity. With partner companies on the frontline of research and development, our aim is to treat and manage patient symptoms and diseases with compassion and excellence. We are aware of the uncertainty associated with medical cannabis treatments within Australian and assure our patients of our commitment to our duty of care and legally informed script management. We are also compassionate to those who have a genuine medical necessity for medical cannabis. For many illnesses, it is the only medicine that grants relief, in comparison to traditional drugs that carry with them a multitude of side effects.

 Benefits to the Patient

Product & Service

  • The entire process is online – Time Saved!
  • Easy Online Process – 4 Simple Steps
  • No doctor referral needed
  • No trip to the chemist. Scripts are dispatched to the patient direct
  • Consult, Scripting Process & Dispatch – ALL ONLINE!


  • Expert Medical Guidance and Supervision
  • 100% Legally Prescribed
  • Access to the highest quality clinical grade CBD
  • Educational Resource and Client Support Services


  • Acquiring Medical Cannabis Treatment Online = Discretion & Privacy Preserved.
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Benefits to the Doctor

Our doctor portal will provide medical professionals with up-to-date, peer-reviewed studies in the field of cannabinoid therapy.
Engaging doctors and specialists ensure practitioners are confident in sending their prescriptions to MCCA to be dispensed.


Legally prescribe Cannabinoid-based medicine to patients within Australia.


Provide patients with compassionate medical treatments to improve their quality of life.

Become a pioneer

Become a respected advocate and pioneer for the continued advancements in cannabinoid-based therapy.


Respected medical network of professionals.

Highest quality

Highest quality pharmaceutical grade cannabinoid medicine.
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Medical Cannabis - The Plant

The anatomy of natures most powerful medicine.


The Science of Medical Cannabis

'The Endocannabinoid System' unlocks the key.


Medical Cannabis - Cannabinoid Medicine

Pharmaceutical grade, CBD Rich and Certified for Purity

Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis - Treatment Objectives

Possible therapeutic effects of cannabinoids


See if you qualify to become Medical Cannabis Clinic Australia patient using our free & confidential, risk-free, obligation free questionnaire.

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