Chronic pain and medical cannabis news articleOriginally Published by The Canberra Times
(Published as part of a series looking at chronic pain and the medical cannabis debate.)

Laura Bryant suffers from chronic pain, yet has found a way to get her life back.
Now she lives in fear of having it taken from her.

MCCA Summary:  There is a large group of potential beneficiaries for medical cannabis that has been overlooked: those living with ongoing and debilitating chronic pain.

Pain Australia reports that fewer than 10 percent of those in Australia experiencing chronic pain are getting adequate treatment. Most patients are facing very long wait times for care.  The Medical opinion regarding cannabis remains divided, with respected medical bodies calling for caution, despite evidence showing it can offer relief for many chronic non-cancer pain sufferers.

Studies also indicate that as many as 80 percents of patients with chronic pain are suffering by missing out on this treatment.

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