Published by The Herald Sun

Summary: In July 2014 Carolyn Foord was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a mastectomy and three rounds of chemotherapy before deciding to abandon conventional treatments for her cancer. This included radiation therapy and ten years taking the anti-cancer drug tamoxifen.

“I had three chemos which I think is the worst thing that I did because it just stuffed up my immune system,” she says.

Cancer patient uses cannabis oil

“I hated it. I felt like I was going to die.”

Now two years later, Foord is a new woman with a new attitude based on what she now knows about self-healing.

So committed in fact, she has bought a Noosa hideaway to convert into a health retreat.

Having rejected chemotherapy, Foord went for natural remedies.

Among other things cannabis oil, which she extracts from home-grown marijuana plants she uses by rubbing it into her gums.

Her belief is that cannabis can cure cancer, but she can’t manage the “recommended healing dose” of one milligramme of cannabis oil a day.

She says its results are miraculous for cancer sufferers because it stimulates the appetite and helps dramatically with anxiety and pain.

Someone, a friend, distills it for her, and she gives small amounts away to sick friends.

“It’s against my human rights to say I can’t use something that God gave us as medicine,” she says.

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