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Reveals the story of an Epileptic 13-year old boy from Gold Coast who is receiving medicinal cannabis for his Epilepsy Treatment. His parents have publicly admitted to feeding their son marijuana to treat his severe epilepsy. Speaking out at a pro-marijuana event about their fears for their child’s health and of the potential for him to die if they wait for Queensland laws to change.


Not an event that this family would typically find themselves in attendance, the pro-picnic held in Gold Coast served as an opportunity for them to share their story. Though cannabis is the medicine of choice for their 13-year-old son Joseph, the couple otherwise has had no other experience with the drug. Every day Joseph’s parents break the law for the sake of their son – a necessity to keep him alive. “We’re at our wit’s end. We don’t know which way to go anymore,” Joseph’s mother Ingrid explained.

Joseph has suffered from seizures for most of his life. The extent of his condition is severe, where both his arms and legs have been broken approximately ten times. Cannabis oil is the only drug that has worked to grant him relief, successfully eliminating his seizures for 20 months.

Clinical trials are underway in Queensland, but presently his medicine is not legal and cannot be prescribed by his doctor – regardless of its effectiveness. Joseph’s parents have had to source their son’s cannabis illegally to keep him alive.

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