Step 1: Get Qualify Step 2: Gain Access Step 3: Evaluation & Approval Step 4: Order Dispatch

Step 1: Qualify for Medical Cannabis

Complete our quick & easy medical questionnaire to qualify for access into our clinic.

  • Completely confidential
  • Obligation free
  • Gain access to our education centre
  • Qualify to place a preliminary order
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Step 2: Enter our Online Clinic

By qualifying you gain access into our online clinic and can view the full product line.
Access full product line and research resources. Pre-qualified for preliminary order. Add to Cart and Complete Checkout.

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Step 3: Dr Evaluation & Script Approval

Our specialist Dr will evaluate your medical questionnaire & preliminary order
  • Approval  - Script Issued by Dr, Pharmacy Dispatches to Patient
  • Pending -  Dr phone call to patient regarding health.
  • Disapproval - Immediate Refund to Patient
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Step 4: Pharmacy Dispatch to Patient

Script is sent to the Pharmacy for dispatch. Order delivered to patient.
  • Despatch through our Australian Based Compounding Chemist.
  • You will receive your order according to our Transit Guide
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