Topical Cannabinoid Cream

topical cannabinoid cream for fast relief
Transdermal/Topical cannabis creams are a very effective way to administer cannabinoid medicine to patients. Topical cannabis medicine offers quick relief particularly in patients who suffer from arthritis, muscle spasms and chronic pain. Transdermal/Topical cannabis creams allow you to target specifically the areas requiring pain relief and reduced inflammation. This medicinal cannabis treatment has been compounded to the highest standards producing a safe and effective cannabinoid cream.

Transdermal/Topical Cannabis Cream

  • PUREST CANNABINOID EXTRACTION – Which is then compounded into a topical cream for localised application
  • QUICK ABSORPTION – Cannabis can be dissolved into a fat soluble substance and readily enter cell membrane

Absorption: Highly efficient and readily absorbed, as it does not go through the digestive channel. Since topical cream absorption bypasses the stomach and liver, there is a greater % cannabinoid medicine being directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

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